Sleeping on Sidewalks


Below Freezing Temperatures

For many years, I've been wrapping the homeless in blankets when it is freezing outside so that they make it through the night. Donate your unused blankets to help.  is a way to share the story, work with others in the field, and generate donations.. .

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Cold = Death

Blankets in closets 
​get people killed

Join ME

Urgent Needs

My Mission

In addition to blankets, I need handwarmers, gloves, hats, and sleeping bags.

Putting blankets on people sleeping on sidewalks so they don't freeze. That's it.

Help collect blankets in your neighborhood and then I will distribute them individually onto people sleeping on sidewalks in freezing conditions.

Giant Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Collects Blankets for the Homeless


I created a 20 foot reindeer and sleigh was constructed to solicit donations of blankets for the homeless. Located at NW 10th and Northruyp, it has collected over 300 blankets and been featured in dozens of news stories, including our local Channel 2 and Channel 6.

 Don't believe in limits